Monday, March 7, 2011


i saw a trailer in posted by one of my facebook friend. here's the trailer guys

a girl nam is inlove with his senior p'shone during there m1 grade(like grade 1 in the philippines)
this p'shone is soo handsome he is really cute, but the guy show no sign of interest to her
.. she did everything like following the book of love, her friend's help her to be beautiful bec. she has a "bug face" she study very well so that the guy will like her, until m3 grade nam become beautiful many guys liked him even the bestfriend of p'shone name p'top .............

haha i dont want to spoil you guys you should watch the movie.. i sware it will made you cry, laugh and get inspired =)


i watched the movie in facebook just click on this link

you will find variety of movie's there ..

here are some of the picture of P'shone ( "mario maurer" in real life)

and ohh guy's i found out that he is very sikat pala in thailand.. here's a forum of him.. "mario fever" at

and the girl nam ( Pimchanok Lerwisetpibol )

during her bug face days

and now.....

you guys must watch it..
happy watching guys =)

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