Friday, August 10, 2012


here I'am in bloggers united held last may at makati I'm with my favorite blogger! i just can't wait for the next blogger's united ;))
so here i am with them.. what can you say about my dresscode?? i know it's quit simple, not ust like other FASHIONISTA there

how did I celebrate my valentine's day

so , I celebrate my valentines day (february 14,2012) "in the office" yeah! in the office but I'm glad ,some of my friend's remebered me during this day ;) here are the presents for me
there it is.. a flower, a cake from ms. polly's and a customize doughnuts from cello's doughnuts.. i loved it all, haha being a sweet tooth girl , YUMMY FOODS!;) i also celebrated the month of LOVE with my friend razzel at the city of tagaytay
WE really enjoyed being together at tagaytay! we are girls and we should be happy right? ;D .. i enjoyed the valentines month also with my 3F family!! they are my classmates during 3rd year college! we are family! we are friends! we are who we are!
they are my girls ;) you know how much i love my girls ;)